Snapdeal Savings Day Coupon – Financial Tips


“Bumper discounts on 500+ categories. Live..Don’t miss it!!”

Eye catchy and jaw dropping indeed!!

Such catchy lines do draw our attention and we get set with our cards on our laptops to make the most of these sales. However, the question here is – “Is it needful buying or impulsive buying?”

Studies have proved that smart advertising strategies persuade people to buy even if they are not in need. There are so many products offered in these sales that people think that they are saving money little realising that they land up buying those products which they don’t even need on an urgency basis.

Every year there are numerous sales that come up – Diwali sale, mid-season sale, end-of-season sale, and not to forget that online stores have also joined the legacy.

Offers keep coming, but we need to decide our buying patterns. A smart way to make the most of these sales is to plan your buying. All of us are aware when these sales are scheduled; hence, the best we can do is plan our purchase in advance and buy when the sale comes up. For instance, if you know that you will have to attend a wedding in the month of January, you can shop for the same in the month of December when stores come up with a yearly sale. This will not only solve your purpose of shopping but will also help you save money.

This planning will help us avoid purchasing at full price and the money that you saved can be used for something more useful.

Consider the following; in order, to make the best out of these sales:

  • Plan your purchase well in advance and ensure that you schedule them in such way that you buy them at discounted rates during sale.
  • Some people forget that even though it’s a sale we have to stick to a budget. The whole idea of saving while you shop in a sale will go hey wire if you indulge in impulsive buying. Understand that all that is showcased cannot be bought.
  • All of us are aware that certain events come up unexpected. Hence, ensure that you have a buffer to attend the requirements of the same even if the sale is not on.
  • Ensure that your total monthly cash flow for expenses and EMI’s is not more than 50% of your income.
  • A number of banks also get associated with these online sales and offer exciting cash back. Ensure that you use those banks and cards which offer cash back.

Make the most of all the seasonal and online sales that come up, but do not forget the fact that “impulsive purchase” is the culprit which spoils the entire game. Evaluate whether these sales are necessary or an attraction in your case.

Updated: December 21, 2016 — 7:21 pm

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