Single Parent! Emotional Instability, Responsibilities! Where do I begin from?


“Single Parent! Oh!! Is that so??” Such is the reaction of the people when they hear about you being a single parent or rather a “Single Mother.”  Does raise quite some eyebrows!! Whether you are separated or a mishap happened to your partner, the responsibilities get doubled.

Certain incidents in life shatter you completely and do take quite some time to get back to normal. It took me a lot of time indeed!! Just browsing the net one fine day, I read about how President Obama was brought up by a single mother. However, her marital status just did not hinder Mr Obama from representing the United States of America. In those days, it must have been really difficult?? I thought to myself…

I guess something that really helped me was the book – “Holding Her Head High – Janine Turner.” The two best things that I learnt from this book was –

  • Dare to Dream
  • Champion your Children

So, my aim was to dream high and give the best to my daughter. The term “Single Parent” until a decade back was considered as a “Taboo.” But, now it’s no longer an unthinkable concept. In fact, it’s a challenge to give the best to yourself and your child.

All these little things piled up within me, and I decided to gear up again. There was a new sort of courage and a fight-back attitude in me. The book indeed gave me inspiration, but little did I know that the reality was completely different. Though I had a secured job, I never thought about other aspects of life. My little one was growing and each year I celebrated her birthday, my worries increased.

It was on her third birthday that I decided that rather than just giving her toys and dolls I should be doing something useful, as well. And, on that day I started off with a Recurring Account. I placed standing orders with my bank to deduct a stipulated sum from my account each month. This will enable me to save each month without fail. Ahhh… that was my first step towards the financial well-being of my child. I think this small step boosted my confidence and gave me the audacity to go ahead a little further.

I made it a point that every year one such gift should be my target for my little one’s birthday. Hopefully, when she grows up she will value my small steps and consider them as footprints to move ahead in life.

However, do we get to do all that we think?? Indeed No!! The next year I couldn’t do anything, but to continue with the recurring account. One fine day when I started analysing my expenses, I understood that most of my salary was paid against house rent. And this gave rise to a new desire – “A desire of having my own shelter.”  

With a shattered home, I aspire for a home… will I ever be able to do it??

Updated: December 26, 2016 — 12:59 pm

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