Shocking Advice! Ensure that you Use your Credit Card More Often than your Debit Card.


All of us are aware of the obvious difference between a credit and a debit card. Understanding the dangers of getting into some severe debts with credit card and greed for things beyond one’s budget, people feel that debit card is the best option. Certainly, a debit card is the best option if you are paying by cash.

On the contrary, credit cards offer some excellent benefits which all of us should enjoy. However, the only criterion to be considered is “Judicious Use of Credit.”

The following are the benefits of using credit cards:

Delayed Payments:

The best part about using a credit card is that the users can pay later depending on the grace time provided by the bank. On the other hand, your money in the account will get its regular interest. Hence, if you pay your credit card bills on time, you not only buy on credit but u also earn interest on the amount in your account.

Reward Points:

A number of credit cards these days give fancy offers such as – cash back, reward points and discount offers. All these would be missed if you used a debit card instead of credit cards.

Credit Score:

If you regularly use credit cards and ensure that you pay back on time, you are in a way increasing your credibility. This will help build your credit score, and this goes without saying that a good score will help you secure loans at a reasonable rate of interest.


If your credit card is stolen and if a deceitful transaction is proved, then it’s the bank that has to take care of the rest. On the contrary, if your debit card is stolen you lose all your money in your account.


If you wish to use credit card against the debit card, then the following needs to be considered.

  • You are smart enough to spend only within your budget.
  • You are sure that you will be able to clear your debts before/on time.
  • A credit card should not be a substitute to withdraw cash.
Updated: December 2, 2016 — 3:14 pm

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