Holiday Spending Aftermath: Is your Credit is in Risk?


We did holiday this December, celebrated New Year either in Goa or at one of the best places in the cities we reside. So, I am sure that this month’s plastic charges have invited lengthy paper bills. Are you feeling this debt’s bite? Well, most of us are indeed feeling the same!!

However, there is certainly no dire need for you to abstain from all the fun. Debt-blues post holidays is a common thing, but to get over the same smartly, is a tricky thing.

So the question is – “How can I get over these debt-blues?”

Curb your spending and don’t let billboards and ski apparels freeze your budget. Remind yourself that you have had enough of fun and shopping a few days back.

  • It’s not necessary that only expensive places offer you all the fun and pleasure. Sometimes a walk by the seashore with a yummy hot corn will make your day.
  • It’s not necessary that you stop dining outside completely for a month or two. Instead, choose to eat something light before you go out for lunch/dinner, and when you are at the restaurant, order an appetizer. This will certainly prove to be pocket-friendly, and will quest your taste buds, as well. This option I think is not only good for health but will also help your pocketbook to scale back.
  • Since you partied thoroughly during the month of December, it’s not important that you stop all the fun in the following month. You can choose to invite family and friends home, and still have a blast. It is better to opt for brunch/lunch more essentially because you can skip the alcohol part, which is the major culprit behind expensive parties. Even for lunch, you don’t have to go for an elaborate menu. Remember that people will recall the party, not for food, but for the fun they had. Instead, you can arrange for a few fun games which will keep your guests entertained.
  • Skip movies over the weekends, and think of something more creative. You can choose to take your kids for a bike ride rather than going to the mall in the evening, and then a movie in the night. The two-fold effect of this would be that you will not indulge in impulsive buying, and will also cut on expensive movie tickets.

It’s certainly not possible for most of us to have a winter break in Mexico or Hawaii, but all of us can choose to have fun in our own different ways. You can make the best of your time by being a little innovative in your thought process. Choose from options that are pocket-friendly, and offers maximum fun!!

Updated: November 25, 2016 — 5:41 pm

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