Financial lessons from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron


I watched Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron a number of times, and yesterday I guess must have been the 20th time. Crazy!! Because of it a kiddo movie, but I really love it for a host of financial reasons indeed. Though it’s an old movie, yet a very interesting one.

While I was watching it yesterday, I tried comparing the movie with personal finance lessons people can learn from the same. After analysing I was able to put down some important lessons that people can learn from this amazing movie.

Very Simple yet insightful personal finance tips from a horse:

  1. Listen to your financial planner:

The movie revolves around a stallion who a little different from the other horses in his herd. Since he is very brave, he leads the pack. One night, he notices shimmering light at the other end of the territory and wishes to explore the same. His mom was being protective and asked him not to go. However, Spirit wanted to explore and what follows is a heart twisting the brave story that changes his completely. If Spirit listened to what his mother said, he would not have to go through such a pain.

This is exactly what our investors do. They do not follow the advice of their financial planners and end up in a mess. People only abide by the words of their planner when they are in a mess. People who don’t listen to their financial planners, face hardships like Spirit and then learn from them.

  1. Be Brave:

When human beings imprison Spirit and keep him without water and food, he completely breaks down. But then he regains his confidence, fights back and not only paves way for his escape but his fellow horse, as well.

There was another incident when Spirit gets to know that human beings were heading towards homeland and there are chances that they could endanger other horses. He unbridles such a calamitous devastation that complete railroad gets wiped out.

In the world of finance and investing, people often invest in financial products without having thorough knowledge about the same. And when they suffer losses because of wrong investments they swear not to invest in the same product again. The best example that can be quoted here is of the stock markets where direct stock investing is very dicey terms which the experts of Dalal Street could hardly predict. But few smart investors block their money, lose the same and swear not to invest again. Little do they realise that equity is one such investment option that offers maximum returns? This certainly is an extremely crucial lesson for personal finance and investing.

  1. Let’s go:

We are certainly not married to investments! Hence, if they are not offering any benefits it is wise to let go and sell them. There will be two benefits after doing so. Firstly, you will have less financial products to manage. Secondly, you will be able to invest the same amount in the right place which will offer you decent returns.

In the movie, as well Spirit did the same thing. During his adventure, he made friends with a human being. However, in the end, when he had to return to his herd, he lets go of this friend. That parting certainly was painful and with the amazing music composed by Hans Zimmer, these emotions literally choke you. But Spirit was right on his part because he was the trailblazer of his herd and had to go back at any cost. Wonderful lessons that one can lean from simple movies

Last Word:

I am sure most of us have watched this amazing movie and most of us will be able to relate to these simple financial lessons that I have jotted down here. If you haven’t watched it, I strongly recommend that you do it this weekend. And watch it you’re your spouse and kids. Your kids because it’s a kiddo movie and your spouse because the songs from Bryan Adams are absolutely amazing!

Updated: December 21, 2016 — 12:20 pm

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