Debt Settlement Negotiation Tips: With creditors


If there is heaps of debt for you to clear, and you are struggling to clear it then it is advisable to talk with your creditors or debt collectors to make it more manageable. This is called debt negotiation or debt settlement by either negotiating with the creditor to lower amounts of debt clearance if you pay a lump sum up front or temporarily pay lower amounts. Whatever is feasible for you and the collector accept? But before jumping into a negotiation you must clearly understand your goals and use few negotiation strategies.

At times, you are caught in such a scenario that you are in credit card debts or medical bills from where you can’t find a way out. Exactly at that time the debt collectors sit on your head for payments and they use all cheap tactics to frighten you to pay up whether you can afford to pay or not. On the contrary, the reality is that they have no legal sanction to do so. Hence, you can negotiate your way out of it.

You have few options in front of you to get over this bad patch without harming your financial future. Either you can negotiate yourself or hire a professional debt negotiator on your behalf. Even though you have a lot of debt against you, a creditor will only be too happy to settle for something over nothing like bankruptcy. Therefore, it is imperative to understand that you have some power in your hands and put it to use wisely.

Negotiating your debt settlement is the best option for those people who are in debt.

Following are few tips to negotiate with creditors.

  • Maintaining records of each transaction: All the records regarding the date and details are to be saved methodically, and it is better to use written communication against phone negotiations. Also, ensure to copy and save letters that you receive or send and also maintain a record of your payment agreement correctly outlined and signed it. Be careful not to send any money without possessing proper written agreement.
  • Bills to be prioritised: First things first, so you need to first look into your essentials before trying to clear your unpaid credit card bills without jeopardising your earning power.
  • Hire a debt negotiator: if you are unable to negotiate with the creditor yourself it is better to hire a negotiator who can break a deal smartly so that the onus is not on you.
  • Make a hard bargain: Try to estimate how much you can afford to pay and always offer less than your affordability. Most often people offer 25 5 of the actual debt although it may vary. Also, sometimes you might get threatening calls and letters so you should be strong not to react to these tactics of debt collectors. You always need to be cool and stick to your negotiation without reacting to whatever the debt collector says. If you are in control and act smartly, then you can achieve whatever you wish for in a negotiation with the debt collector.
  • Protect yourself: you need legal protection from dubious debt negotiators by checking if these debt collectors have valid licenses to operate in your place.
  • Know your rights: You need to be well informed and know your rights. Your rights are your weapon to deal with ruthless debt collectors. The better informed you are safe is your money.
Updated: December 20, 2016 — 3:48 pm

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