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“I don’t dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living.”

Steven Spielberg

Certain quotes are so inspiring!! And being a writer, each of these quotes come in my mind when I come across a few incidents at times. Sitting leisurely last evening, I had a small conversation with my domestic help. Talking about a few things here and there we started a serious talk about the importance of education. In conversation with her, I got to know that her son is planning to take up engineering. She said that he was really good at studies and wishes to pursue his education further.

I was so glad listening to all this because it made feel that gradually uneducated people are also understanding the importance of education. Continuing on education, I told her that she should go ahead. After a short silence, she said – “Paisa Nahe Hai.” (I don’t have money)

Oh!! I thought to myself… it’s so easy for us to give suggestions. She said that if you have money you will make money, but a poor man will always remain poor. Continuing her thoughts about all these, she said that she feels bad that her incapability of not being able to finance her son’s education will hinder him in future. Interrupting her I said – “No!! This is not true.”

I thought I have to help her out and explained her all about “Student Loan.” When I told her that there are loan options available for education, as well she wished to know more about the same.

A student loan is an amount that is granted to Indian Nationals for the purpose of education. The best part is there is no processing fees involved and the normal time offered for repayment is minimum 10 years (may differ from bank-to-bank) after the completion of the course.

Courses Covered:

  • Graduation, Professional Degree, Post-graduation, Diploma courses, etc.
  • Regular Diploma/Degree courses offered by autonomous institutions like IIM, IIT, etc.
  • Nursing courses/Teacher training that is approved by State or the Central government.
  • Regular Diploma/Degree like pilot training, Aeronautical, shipping etc. which are certified by Director General of Shipping/Civil Aviation/ concerned regulatory authority

Expenses Covered:

  • Fees that is to be paid to school/college/ hostel
  • Library/Examination /Laboratory fees
  • Purchase of Equipment/Books/Uniforms/Instruments
  • Travel Expenses

I explained to her that if she had some security to offer, then she can apply for a loan. She did mention of a house she owns and was eager to apply for a loan in order to give a better future to her son.

What I understand from this episode is that there are means that are available, but people are still not aware of the same. I think it’s not only the responsibility of banks and other financial institutions to spread awareness about the all these facilities, but as responsible citizens, we have to take an active part in doing so.

I started my role by providing a little information about student loan to my domestic help. If you have done something similar, please share your experience with us.

Updated: December 22, 2016 — 12:01 pm

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