Canny Tips to Buy Insurance Online


In our busy routine, we do not have time to run to the market for everything. Hence, online stores have gained an immense amount of popularity. Apart from this, there are a number of net savvy people who enjoy shopping online.  Do you wish to expand your shopping spree for financial products, as well? Are you in search of some useful tips for buying insurance policies online? If yes, then

Here’s something useful for you:

  1. How worthy is the insurance company? – Firstly, you need to zero down on an insurance company. Don’t get carried away by their attractive website or flashy user interface. On the contrary, opt for the company based on their history in the insurance field, and claim settlement. Get your facts right before opting for the company and just do consider the same because it was first listed in the search engine.
  2. Online is cheap? – People normally have an assumption that online insurance will help them with a cheaper premium. However, before assuming so, one will have to compare policies offered by different companies and then settle for one. It is certainly safe to assume that anything you buy online will cost you less, but before you lay your hands on the offline premiums, it is better to take the advice of an insurance agent.
  3. Fill online data gradually – Once you are sure that you want to buy a policy online ensure that all the personal information that is asked for is entered accurately. Do not submit the form right away. Do it gradually over a period of time. Very carefully evaluate the questions they have asked about your lifestyle and medical history again and again. This is because if you provide wrong data or misrepresent the same, there are chances of your claim getting rejected.
  4. Keep your documents scanned – A number of insurance portals will ask you for documents. Hence, if they are scanned and ready, it will save a lot of time to upload them. If this step is avoided, the insurance company will put your application on hold and will ask you to send them through mail. This again is a time-consuming process.
  5. Is the company website secure? – Out of all these tips listed above, this by far is the most important one. When you have made up your mind to pay, then make sure that their site is Verisign protected. One should certainly refrain from using any doubtful sites because it may lead to a complete mess of your online financial information. Yet another quick check which will help is whether the browser is using HTTPS or HTTP. Opt for HTTPS because the S in HTTPS ensures secure access.

If everything goes will, then your policy will reach you within 2-3 weeks. In a case of discrepancies, get in touch with their executives either through helpdesk or call centre.

Updated: January 17, 2017 — 6:24 pm

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