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“With a shattered home, I aspire for a home.” If you remember, some time back I wrote an article about the single mother, and expressed my desire of having my own shelter. A few days back, I got a call from my friend who wished to invite me to her housewarming party. This call triggered my desire of having my own house.

Today, I thought is the time to look back and count my good lucks and blessings. Sometimes, it becomes extremely crucial to look back at our story so that we know how far we have come! Apart from this, it is also important to listen to others story of endurance and patience in the journey of making their home. By listening to a few of these stories, I understand the time required, and challenges that may come on your way.

I thought perhaps let me take a few inspirations from people around me, and give a conclusion to “waiting for my shelter” phase of life. I am sure a number of people will be able to relate to all that I am going to say further in this blog. Before going any further with the process, it was crucial for me to understand that it’s not going to be easy. Of course, there will be a number of challenges, setbacks, and stressful events on my way.

Here I want you all to know that I don’t wish for a house in a particular style or location or setting, but for numerous financial and practical reasons, I just want “My Own Home” and I would find contentment in the same. Before finalising anything else, my first priority was to check on the availability of loan. After browsing a few sites I came across “SBI HER GHAR (home loan for women) at a concessional interest rate.”

The rate of interest was 10.10%, which is subject to the following conditions:

  • The woman should be the only applicant for the loan or the first co-applicant.
  • She should be the only owner of the property or should be the first owner in case the ownership is going to be a joint one.

This sounded awesome!!  After getting this piece of information, I genuinely started hunting for a place. I found a good apartment for myself and applied for a loan. With a stable job and a good credit history, the process went on very smoothly.

I know that loan repayment is not going to be, as easy as I thought. I know I will have to compromise on a number of things like restaurants, shopping, etc. But all I know is – “It’s worth the compromise.”

Today, I pay an EMI each month, but it’s any day more satisfactory that paying rent for a place which is not mine. It gives me confidence!! I walk in pride, and I did it!! Though I did not expect it to go so smooth, but life is not always difficult.

After getting the position of the house, my daughter tells me – “MOM, let’s get a new keychain for our home keys.” Hah… the satisfaction I get from listening to these words is beyond explanation.

My daughter, my family, my home, and my shelter!!

Updated: November 23, 2016 — 6:57 pm

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