Company statement on the recent allegation

This is with reference to the recent allegation made by a private organization from Germany trying to sell its online security services to Creditseva. Wherein one article was published by IB Times in UK based on the said allegations. We would like to make it very clear that there has been ‘No data breach’. No […]

Bank or NBFC: Which is better for Loan?

Overview: While looking for a loan, we run to a lot of lending institutions to fulfill our credit need. Apart from a personal help from an acquaintance, a loan seeker looks forward to either a known Bank or a Non-Banking Financial Company i.e. NBFC for help. None is less than the other. Both have their […]

Synopsis Of Union Budget 2017

The Budget 2017-18 consists of 3 major reforms which are the presentation’s advancement date, the merger of railway budget along with the general budget and the abolition of Plan as well as non-Plan expenditure. The Finance Minister has discussed the budget reforms in relation to the various sectors like Rural Population, agricultural sector, Railways and […]

Free Credit Score & Report in India – Equifax, Experian & TransUnion CIBIL

Overview It has been quite a time since the three major Credit bureaus Experian, TransUnion and Equifax had begun a standard practice of providing Free Credit Report to all individuals once every year in the United States. In India, it was first proposed by Aditya Puri Committee. This committee was established by RBI in order […]

Simple Yet Effective Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

Overview: One can improve one’s credit score either in a systematic way or by doing simple day-to-day activities. However, for attaining a good score one need follow any hi-tech formula. Simple ways will help you get a good score. Keep a track of the following points Make it a habit to at least annually review […]

The First and Foremost Step Of Your Financial Well-Being – Your Credit Report

Overview We as customers need to ensure that our credit report is well-maintained and is error-free because it is the key to our financial health. It is crucial to check your credit report periodically along with analyzing the facts that can boost or give a set-back to your credit score. A number of folks do not […]

Why Should One Have A Financial Plan?

Overview A number of people are put off by words like ‘financial planning’ or ‘financial plan’. Here we have a summary of the importance of a financial plan. A financial plan will help you in the following ways The primary step towards any plan is to have a clear goal. Put your goal on paper […]