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Credit Report Simplified!

It’s certainly not easy for a layman to understand the complications of a credit report, but with the help of our analytical tools all is easy! Leave the tedious task of analyzing your credit report to Creditseva™, India’s first consumer credit analytics and management tool online. Get to know instantly which credit card or loan accounts are reported positively and which accounts are having adverse impact on your credit profile.

Not only does Creditseva™ help people understand their report in simpler terms, but also enables them analyse how different financial moves will affect their report.

Benefits - Credit Report Simplified

Secure and Fast Closures

Are any of your past loans pending? Are you worried how quickly these can be closed so that your score improves? Don’t worry! All you need to do is sign-up to get connected to the decision maker online and negotiate your settlement or closure of loans and credit cards.

One-time-settlement should be an easy process for the consumer and now it is with Creditseva™. No more recovery calls. It’s easy, secure and fast! CreditSeva™ ensures that all the information provided will be maintained securely and with utmost confidentiality.

Healthy Credit Score

Decode your personal credit score with CreditsevaTM consumer credit analytics. Get to know what factors drive your credit score and how each financial decision you make will impact your credit score.

Get customized options to improve and maintain a healthy credit score. CreditSevaTM tool will offer options and advice on ways to improve you credit score.

Benefits - Healthy Credit Score

Error Tracking Made Easy

Initially, this was a tedious and time taking process wherein an individual had to understand the credit report to trace errors, write letters or mails manually to banks and credit bureaus with lesser chances of rectification.

With the help of CreditSeva TM ingenious tool, consumers will now be able to track errors easily in their credit report and report them in few seconds! All these facilities are just a click away! All you need to do is sign-up to experience the speed and ease in identifying and reporting errors in your credit report.

Monitoring Tools

A small delay at times in your financial transactions will make a big difference to your credit report. Hence, it is always wise to stay alert. Understanding this need, CreditSeva TM enables its customers set reminders about payments.

Now stay on top of your credit transactions with monitoring tools and customized alerts. Depending on the need, users may opt for various alerts and timelines for reminders to be sent well in advance to perform important financial transactions on time.

Benefits - Monitoring Tools