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The Unparalleled expertise of our team coupled with their experience makes them unique, adaptable and always ready for challenges. We are driven by clarity of thought and strong sense of purpose. Nurturing the passion for excellence is our team's motto. We always strive to create a work environment of respect and trust that will continuously enable our team with professional growth and motivation. Our ambitious and exciting growth plans are built on strong values and integrity.


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Our workplace is the hub of awesome ideas, fool proof plans, innovative technologies and never ending fun while creating solutions, tools and applications for our customers. We value constructive criticism and love taking decisions on black cozy bean bags in the coolest fashion. Every decision is taken by the consent of each other under an open environment in a common area in the office rather than discussing in closed cabins. We believe in sharing ideas openly and collectively.


We are a young and lively team of technology geeks with a combination of LAMP stack and MEAN stack coders, ravenous to transform complex codes into simpler ones so that it is easy for you to analyse your credit profile. From operations to marketing and everywhere in between, we as a collective team bring to the table our decent expertise, rock solid competencies and exclusive skillsets.

Past Experience

Our ingenious and young squad of adept professionals work together united with a commitment for continuous growth. We have acquired experiences from globally renowned organisations with a technical prowess of over 40+ years. We belong to a herd of youngsters who beat cumbersome challenges everyday. This exemplary combination of having past working experiences at reputed brands and a skillful crew of chaps with unconventional specializations makes us unique. We are all geared up to scale to an enterprise level thus enabling our ship to sail through various storms with a clear and susceptible roadmap to achieve the strategic goals of the company.

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