Simply put... we are finance geeks!


What is CreditSeva(TM)?

Quick, comfortable and easy to use, CreditSevaTM is your financial friend. This dream venture was started by a group of young, zealous and dynamic entrepreneurs with a go-get-it attitude. All of us are aware of the fact that the world of credit is perplexing and mystifying. However, with the help of our tool we strive to make it simple, enabling our customers to take better financial decisions.

As the punch line goes "Managing Credit Simplified," we have ensured that the service offered is very simple and easy for normal consumers to use. With an innovative mind-set, our team hopes to bring in a radical change in the field of finance and credit. Our innovative tools will help people assess their credit profile themselves, negotiate settlements, track and rectify errors, set reminders for payments, etc.; which in turn, will help them better manage their credit.

Whether you manage projects for clients or you are self-employed or you work with one of the best Fortune 500 Companies, CreditSevaTM has integrations and features that will best match every individual's requirement. This we ensure because we strongly wish to bring about "Innovation in Creditability," wherein our new-age products will help in maximizing the creditability of our customers.

How CreditSevaTM was born?

The idea of this venture was conceptualized by a team of finance geeks! We befriended thousands of consumers in improving their credit score because we firmly believe that if our helping hand could make someone realise their dreams, then we shall be glad that we somewhere played a small part in their success story.

With a leading-edge thought and ingenious tools, CreditSevaTM team abides by the fact - "Your Need, Our Inspiration!" and in our opinion these small efforts we put in will help people build a bright future.